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"The way your employees feel is the way your customers will feel.  And if your employees don't feel valued, neither will your customers"


Consulting on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.


Providing strategic talent advisory to startups, scaleups and larger corporates.

Talent leadership search and recruitment. 

Finding and hiring the ideal people for your growing talent organisation.



Interim talent acquisition, engagement and retention services. 


Whether building a new team or enhancing an existing one.

Talent technology audit & recommendations.

Our partnerships have evolved through many years working with talent technology providers.

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"Let us all be the leaders we wish we had"




DE Talent Consulting's approach is straightforward and clear.  No jargon or management consultant lingo and zero BS . Just laser- focused on building great talent outcomes. 

We look at your talent challenges and opportunities and present you with the most appropriate solutions.  This is based on our extensive experience, best practice and continual innovation.

By providing tailored organisational designs, talent acquisition, talent engagement and organisational strategies that keep employees engaged and candidates excited about joining.

You are not a true success unless you are helping others be successful.

Jon Gordon



DE Talent Consulting provides leadership executive search solutions.  We support talent, go-to-market, product, operations, finance and legal functions across the technology markets.

Hiring is both art and science.
DE Talent Consulting has recruitment DNA.  We know what good looks like and we have a strong focus on the potential each candidate can bring to your business.

In the tight talent market we are in, open dialogue is essential. 
We will challenge you to engage with candidates you may not have considered in the past with true diversity at the core of our business.

"Find people who will make you better"




The talent market is moving fast and unpredictably. 

DE Talent Consulting is able to provide interim leadership with specialisation in talent attraction & acquisition strategies.

Whether you are looking to temporarily enhance your existing talent team or you need to build your talent strategy from the ground up, we can provide the right skillset either fully remote or London and South East.

Our experience building and scaling talent teams for technology companies over the past 25 years has provided us with a unique insight into the workings of talent attraction & acquisition.


"Understanding your employee's perspective can go a long way towards increasing productivity h & happiness"


Talent platforms are evolving. The vast solutions available in this data-driven talent market can be overwhelming.  We cut through this defining your Technology Needs Assessment.

Maybe you need to replace a legacy system or you require additional capabilities to enhance data integrity. DE Talent Consulting can advise the best technologies for more robust business planning.

Our strong relationships with leading talent technology providers, we are able to provide unbiased and unique insights into the right talent technology platforms and solutions for your business.


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